Soy Lite Super Soy Wax

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Our Own Brand of Soy Wax

Our Wax is a premium soy wax blended with other soy additives to enhance the performance of the burn, color and achieve an excellent scent throw for container candles.

This blend will hold up to a 10% fragrance load and the finished candles have a smooth top with a rich, creamy, solid color. It is also a great blending wax for paraffin, beeswax or it can be used for lotions, creams, lip balms etc.

Our testing proved this wax to be a single pour, but you may need to level the tops with a heat gun in your environment. 

Meltpoint: 115-120 degrees
Primary Use: Container candles
Packaging: Flakes
Scent Recommendation: Use up to 1 1/2 oz. fragrance per pound
Wick Suggestion: Paper core, Wedo RRD, Heinz Coreless
Can heat to around 180 degrees add scent stir and pour no waiting for cool down